Two Types of Fear

I’ve been ruminating quite a bit lately and trying to understand and discern fear and why it is that a lot of us that are on the spiritual path tend to negate fear and say that fear is the absence of love. And I believe that this is, in some ways, true. But we have to be able to shed light on how to properly place your fears.

So number one, that is insinuating that we have control over what we fear and what we do not fear. And secondly, we can say that some of us have deeply-rooted fears that have been placed onto us, and those are the fears that, once we work through, we can clear the muck, if you will, off of our perception lens.

So there are two types of fear according to me. There’s probably different ways of exhibiting it, but I think there’s a fear that keeps you from doing things, and there’s a fear in which you do things with to achieve, and it becomes the drive and the driving force to overcome, and to accomplish, and to do.

But the other fear is the one that stops you from doing things, and that’s the fear we ought to consider because we ought to be afraid of sabotaging others. We ought to be afraid of hating. We ought to be afraid of killing. We ought to be afraid of murdering because it puts us back on the right path, and it helps us to see that what we are fearing is actually what will bring us more love and will shed love and light onto the world.

So we need to be able to distinguish what fear we want to continue to live in and what fear we need to let go of.