The Importance of Being Playful

I would like to discuss with you all today the importance of being playful and not taking yourself too seriously.


Because that indicates a big ego.

Laughter is pure innocence – vulnerability. It is the death of the ego. And I think that enjoying your life and really letting yourself be is a state of joy that cannot be grasped when you’re always being intense and so hard on yourself. And it’s like, for what?

And it’s just a short message I wanted to share with you guys – not because I’m in a better mood than I usually am, but because I feel that life really is as short as you’re going to make it.

So take it easy on yourselves. Life your life. Obviously, don’t do things in excess, but please don’t take things to heart because you’re going to feel attacked. So you need to just enjoy your life, and be free, and brush it off. Let it go. And don’t internalize anything, and go within. Go within.

Travel within, and keep your peace.