Quality of Mind

Hi, everyone. Today, I want to talk to you guys about the quality of mind that is important to have, especially in times of distress or pressure.

So let’s just say you’re generally having a really hard time dealing with loss or dealing with your own personal self-esteem. And we all go through this, and we have our highs and our lows. And what’s important is to maintain your quality of mind and remain the person that you would want to go to for advice.

Be that person for yourself in those times, and be that person that you would trust enough to consult and confide with. Be that person that you want to be able to open up to and feel safe with.

And it’s important to be that person for yourself and maintain your quality of mind through being that highest version of yourself because what we imagine, we start to live. What we think about, we bring about, and that’s a very common quote. And it’s very true.

So being able to be aware and realize, hey, I’m actually experiencing a really hard time right now, and I just need to be by myself – honor that, and take the time that you need to really delve within and sit in those energies and understand how to be your best support, and go through those energies – because that’s how you awaken that higher version of yourself and be the best for another person that may be going through something that’s even more trying and may actually come to you for advice. So just be open to understanding that your quality of mind will start to be the life that you live, and it will start to become your living experience. So whatever you’re imagining, you bring it to life.

That’s why we are magicians, and that’s why we have the power and the ability to co-create because we, in essence, create the world that we want to experience.