Category: Reflection

Be Still

This morning, I had a pretty profound thought. It was that when you’re in a place of peace, content, and stillness with yourself, and you don’t expect anything, you’re just grateful and present in the moment, the most beautiful and awe-striking things will bring themselves to you and present themselves to you because you present […]

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I just wanted to leave you with a thought, and that is that acceptance means letting go. Why? Because when you’re able to fully integrate, embrace, and accept something into your being, into your field of awareness, you’re able to set it free and let it go because you’re no longer fighting it. You’re no […]

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Quality of Mind

Hi, everyone. Today, I want to talk to you guys about the quality of mind that is important to have, especially in times of distress or pressure. So let’s just say you’re generally having a really hard time dealing with loss or dealing with your own personal self-esteem. And we all go through this, and […]

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