Breaking Victim Mentality

Something that was brought to my attention in my own personal experience is when we’re put in situations where we feel like we’re being tested. And a lot of the times, I, myself, find it very difficult to be able to decipher what to do in those situations. And I’ve come to realize that we have this default mode as human beings – a lot of us have it – and it’s the default mode of “victim.” And we play this victim mentality, and we have these ways of approaching situations in that mentality.

And so when our integrity is on the line, and we’re being asked by Spirit, or by Source, or by Creator to make a decision on how to act, how to respond to something, we automatically feel like we’re being challenged, and we think, “oh, no. I’m not going to do what’s actually correct in that situation because that other person should be acting this way, or that other person shouldn’t have said this,” and that’s judgement.

So instead of allowing yourself to step into that place of resentment and that place of “oh, my gosh, this always happens to me,” be strong and stand up for yourself and face the challenge because that is the key to breaking the shackles and getting through victim mentality and empowering yourself. That’s how you take your power back.

But if you keep getting in these situations, and you keep responding the same way and wondering why people treat you that way, it’s because you keep being presented and graced with opportunities for you to step into your power, but it’s like you’re denying it. It’s like a denied request. Your power is calling you back, and you’re declining.

So take the challenge, face it, and realize that that is your true state of being.