I just wanted to leave you with a thought, and that is that acceptance means letting go.


Because when you’re able to fully integrate, embrace, and accept something into your being, into your field of awareness, you’re able to set it free and let it go because you’re no longer fighting it. You’re no longer battling with it. You’re no longer having trouble with it. It’s no longer causing you conflict.

But instead, you accept it, and you allow yourself to be at peace.

And what that does is, it sets everyone and everything that you’ve been holding onto, free. And that’s important because that is the way to fully allow yourself to let go of the things that are weighing you down and ascend, and that is what we need to do in this lifetime – to ascend and evolve.

And that’s why there is so much significance placed on being able to let go, but we have to understand that letting go comes with acceptance, and they work in tandem.